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1) Mantis Radio 212 + New York Haunted

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 20:00:00 GMT
Mantis Radio 212 + New York Haunted DVNT Crystal Castles – Ornament [Fiction Records] dgoHn – Ralph (Jodey Kendrick remix) [Love Love Records] Ministry – Thieves [Sire] Cyclea – Circumambient Periphery [Cyclea] Dasein – Pays Sans Visage (Yan Kaylen Kontinuum remix) [Tripalium Corp] Makaton – Defiler (Corax remix) [Rodz Konez] Ansome – Back Alley Sally (Randomer remix) [Perc Trax] Ruins – You’re In My Way [unreleased] Antenna Happy – Spark (Vessels remix) [Reinhardt] James Ruskin – After Dark [Blueprint] DVNT & 2BX – Untitled 002 [unreleased] Beyond – Blood Castle [Urban Legend] Converter – Sadist [Ant-Zen] Cristian Vogel – Snowcrunch [Shitkatapult] DRVG CVLTVRE Gasstation Of Love – Turmoil In Leather [NYH] Sebastiano Carghini – AU3 [NYH] Drvg Cvltvre – ORSO II [unreleased] Peter Gibney – Into The Ether [NYH] Retrograde Youth – Love Fantasy [Radio Matrix] Mike Davis – Brutalism Concrete [NYH] Drvg Cvltvre – Leprosarium [unreleased] Semita Serpens – True Zen [NYH43] XOOL – Locked Ward [NYH] SB51 – 12oClock [NYH] AAAA – Phase Of Bass [NYH42] Mike Davis – Tear Us Apart Again [NYH50] Tunnel One – Rough Gehm Volte Face – Shirime [BleeD] Chris Moss Acid – Nazareth [NYH] Mystical – Substance D Drvg Cvltvre – Kill Or Be Killed Son Kuvera B – The City Of Arkham [NYH] DVNT Cyclea – Fetal Discoveries (excerpt) [Cyclea]

2) Jethro ThermoBee's Off The Rails Illusive 2016 Promo Mix

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 19:45:12 +0000
This is a half hour promo taken from a set I played at Brothers Grimm in Bristol last month. For the full line up for the Off The Rails stage at Illusive Festival - http://bit.ly/2bk5WQ0 or go the website - http://illusive-festival.co.uk/stages/off-the-rails/

3) Prok & Fitch Podcast August 2016

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 13:30:36 +0000
1) 4th MeasureMen- 4 You- Daniel Dubb Rub 1993 (Unreleased) 2) Manu Desrets- Tack This- Kreature & Rudosa Remix (Wow!) 3) Solitaire- I Like Love- Made By Pete Remix (Tinted Records) 4) Emanuel Satie- Paffo’s Riff (Knee Deep In Sound) 5) Manu Desrets- Cyclic (Sanity records) 6) Infinity Ink- Full Capacity- Nathan Barato Remix (Different) 7) Kydus, Moji- Boomtang- (Circus Recordings) 8) Prok & Fitch- Pitch Roll (Suara) 9) Green Velvet- Flash- Eats Everything Remix (Relief) 10) Kevin McKay- Balance Work- Loco & Jam Remix- (Glasgow Undeground) 11) Kollektiv Trumstrasse- Sorry I Am Late- Pig&Dan Remix (FFRR) 12) Boris- Make You Do- Toolroom Trax 13) Oc & Verde- Maasai (Knee Deep In Sound) 14) Andy Bros- Artemisia (FFRR)

4) am/fm | 077

Mon, 29 Aug 2016 11:01:43 +0200
This week´s episode is the first hour of my set that I played for HYTE at Amnesia on August 24th. HYTE on Ibiza has been going strong in its second season and was loads of fun so far. Yet this night was for me one of the best ones. Maybe because Radio Slave and Henrik Schwarz laid down fantastic sets before me or the crowd was just totally into it…. or .. most likely both. It is end of August and I guess you can ask any DJs out there if they start to musically repeat themselves during this month. August is usually not the time when loads of new stuff is released and promos are send out, as everyone has no time to check and listen anyways, cause you are either on holiday and partying or working and DJing 20-30 gigs per month, or all of it together. But I have to say, although I repeat myself here and there, there is always some new stuff that makes you play everything a little differently … especially with my Playdifferently Model One Mixer. Not only that. I used the beginning of last week to change my setup from ground up, from now on using my new Antelope Orion 32+ soundcard with only one computer, having less cables but still at least the same or even more possibilities than before. Already changing that is exciting. I played my first two gigs at the wonderful @Sonus Festival in Croatia and besides some minor mistakes, hitting the wrong knobs here and there, everything was very stable and sounded great. So Amnesia on Wednesday was my third gig with it and if you have been following my sets lately you might be able to hear the difference. Ok, enough for now, enjoy and listen and I will go record shopping, as it is September now :). If one of you have some set related or technical questions, ask, I will do my best to answer all of them in the comments.

5) Behind The Iron Curtain 269 with UMEK

Mon, 29 August 2016 10:38:20 +0300
The weekly series will give a chance to unknown and talented producers to showcase their work in the “Cloud Stand Out” part, where Umek will singlehandedly pick his weekly choice of interesting tunes, uploaded to Soundcloud. In “Eastern Flavor” listeners will get to know what DJs from Eastern European studios have to offer, while in the “Look Back Track” Umek will take you back in time to present the tracks that inspired him and dance floors worldwide in the past. Focusing on what the future brings us, a two-time Beatport Artist of the year will make a “Prognosis”, featuring what he thinks will shake the clubs and festivals in the following weeks.Umek’s own imprint [1605] will of course have a special place in the show. Every week a new “Sixteenofiver” will be presented on air and have a chance to play their track to millions of listeners worldwide.A one-hour show will wrap up with “Propaganda”, where listeners will get to enjoy a unique guest mix.
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